ARS Energy

We are specialized in the field of gas discharge treatment and dust for chemical, food and refineries.

We handle the entire process, from design to on-site installation and through the world.



We will study your project and we are happy to establish a personalized list of references to define the tasks that you must accomplish.

Compliance with European standards and requirements. Link

We can also organize your visit on site in a corresponding installation.



Installations in the following industries

• Metal Processing
• Food industry
• Chemistry and synthetic materials
• Paper, wood and textiles
• Glass and ceramics
• Land and mineral
• Mechanical construction
• Distribution
• Institutes, laboratories and administrations

Polluted refineries Releases

Elimination quantitative des polluants jusqu’à obtention des limites légales.

• Dépoussiérage (cyclone, filtre)
• Quenches
• Lavage de l’air sortant

Releases of chemical industry

Quantitative elimination of almost all pollutants disruptive gas using a reagent, a neutralizing agent (eg. Acid or base), an adsorbent (coke, limestone).

Releases to the food industry

• Manufacture of powdered food products, granulated with a spray tower
• Treatment of polluted air releases
• Recovery of products possible

Our obvious

• Continuous adaptation to the latest technologies
• Services proposing the amended directives and limit values
• Absolute Timeliness
• Safety planning and operation
• Continuous Quality Assurance
• Shipping worldwide
• Installation Teams and commissioning specially trained and experienced
• Site visit with customers
• Safety planning and operation
• Economical and efficient solutions
• Competent Interlocutors also after delivery facilities
• Customer service quality