Introducing Fire Test Furnaces

The fire resistance test ovens have been developed to meet the requirements of
authorized test laboratories for verification of tests and proof of fire classification. These are the

- Fire doors and shutters
- Walls
- Columns
- Supporting and non-supporting elements
- Ventilation ducts
- Cable barriers
- Glazed partitions and screens
- Shock absorbers
- Ship ceilings, decks and bulkheads
- Penetration seals
- Linear seals
- Aviation Parts
- Tunnels

Test methods applied to fire

1. The standard time-temperature curve for cellulosic products (ISO 834)
It is a "controlled and ventilated natural fire" model. (e.g. normal building fires)
The curve based on the ISO standard is used in standards around the world including BS 476, AS1530, DIN4102, ASTM
and the European standard BS EN 1363-1
2. Hydrocarbon Curve
This is a "ventilated oil fire" model with a temperature increase of 1110°C after 30 minutes.
The hydrocarbon curve is applicable where oil fires may occur. (for example, gasoline or oil tank, certain types of chemicals, etc.
types of chemicals, etc.)
3. RABT Curve
These RABT curves were developed in Germany following a series of test programs such as the Eureka project
the Eureka project.
In the RABT curve, the temperature rises to 1200°C in 5 minutes. (e.g. cars)
4. RWS Curve
Based on an oil fire of 300MW heat load in an enclosed space such as a tunnel.
5. The HCM curve and other specific curves depend on given test criteria.

Fire Test Standards Chart


BS 476:Part 20
EN 1363
General Requirements 


BS EN 1364

No - load bearing 


BS EN 1365

Load bearing elements 


BS EN 1366

Installation service 


BS EN 1634

Fire Doors & Shutters 


eps 13381

Contribution to Fire Resistance 


EN 81-58

Lift-landing doors 


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BS EN 1363-2; BS EN 1366-9; BS EN 1366-8; BS EN 1364-5


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UL 10B; UL 10C; UL 10D; UL 1479; UL 155; UL 2079; UL 790; ASTM E108; ASTM E119; ASTM E 814; …